How to Reduce Your Waistline

Obesity is seemingly on the rise and it is related negatively to various types of medical disorders today. Among the deadly diseases include cardiovascular disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. A reduction of a kilogram of body weight goes a long way in reducing the blood pressure and also eases the pressure on the body cells by diabetes. An excessive waistline is indicative of a medical disorder in the making.

So how do you go about reducing your waistline? For a start, the principle of fattening your body involves the type of food intake. You must realise that sugar is the main culprit in the increasing waistline episode. So you will have to start by doing a checklist on your food. Make sure that all intakes should not contain any sugar or its derivatives. Table sugar and those found in instant powdered drinks are totally out. You have to check the label of containers when you next do your grocery shopping. Try depriving yourself of sugar and its derivatives in the morning-you will experience a surge in energy and you become vibrant doing your morning chores. Your thinking is not sluggish at all.

Next on the chopping board is the simple carbohydrates. Do not consume simple carbohydrates as these, upon intake, will be converted into sugars very fast. How does it fatten your waistline? Well, definitely your waistline does not increase immediately. It takes time and normally within two weeks, if you do not control your sugar intake, the bulging waist will appear. Sugar as well as simple carbohydrates upon consumption are carried in the blood for use as energy. Insulin will move in to store the sugar in the body cells.

However, when there is excess sugar in the blood and when the stores are overcrowded, there is no choice but to convert the sugar into triglycerides which is stored as fat in the waist. So, if you want to reduce your waistline, just deprive yourself of sugars, do some form of exercise like aerobic dancing, swimming or cycling thrice a week and you will find yourself as fit as fiddle.

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